Monday, April 26, 2010

Bandh and Kerala

One more day for the keralites to sleep well  at home. Eventhough it is a national bandh, I don't think that the effect in other states won't be as severe as in Kerala. Well, The state  is known as God's own country (even God may not be knowing this) so do 'they' have all the rights to do anything in Kerala? Here I used 'they' for the group who is behind the hartals and bandhs, and I am  not trying to point out any special political party.

Today (April 27,2010) , from morning 6:00 itself they have started their routines by blocking the trains in Trivandrum and Kozhikode railway stations. Years back, court had  banned bandhs. But luckily they had another term called 'Hartal'. Public have been informed that the emergency services will not be disturbed ( a common message in all the hartals).  I pray to see less number of victims of this hartal on the evening news. Still I don't know how these hartals and bandhs will solve this 'price rise' issue.

It is high time to take some steps against these type of hartals. Kerala should look into other states to know more about handling the hartal. A Lot of articles and complaints were raised against hartal in the past years. But no one is looking into it. These political parties may be thinking that they are doing a great job by calling a hartal , or they may be protesting the 'prise rise' issue. But there are a lot of other ways to protest against an issue. Any type of protesting activity which affects the public life should be strongly banned by laws. We keralites are claiming by ourselves as the most educated state in India, But it is not at all visible by our activities. Anyway our news channels are enjoying.

We can only hope for  a 'hartalless' Kerala with lot of industries around.
Wishing all the very best to 'God's own country'.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What should I do for them???

Everyone likes to have an outing in the evening...but for me...I dont know...Really I am not interested in these outing....You may be thinking the reason now.....the reason is....the beggars. You may feel that I dont like the disturbance from the beggars...not so....if a beggar is locked by my eyes, my mind will start thinking of him...Different unanswerable questions will be raised in my,What circumstances made him to be in this present condition? Where do they sleep each night? Are they getting sufficient food, daily? What will they do if they got sick?These are just a few examples of the questions which arise in my mind.....Everyone knows that these are not the questions so particular to me....but, still...I can't  divert my mind from this...Is it my duty to to help them? Always my mind  gives me the answer as 'yes'.  The beggars are being ignored by our society.  I always had thought : What would I have done if I was a beggar? Really I cant even think of that even for a fracton of second. Can you think that? The friends who are walking with me would always advise me not to think like Mother Tharesa and this society cannot be corrected only by you. But still my mind is around those beggars....Am I the lone person who does think in this way?
Definitely not...
  Always our concern about the beggars in bus stand or railway station will end up with 1 or 2 Rs coins that give so much of weight to your wallets. But something blocks everyone after a certain limit. So, now I have to ask one question to myself. 

What can I do for them...? 

decided  that, the amount that I am giving to a beggar who is approaching me should be enough to meet his  breakfast , lunch or dinner. Whenever I plan for an outing, an amount for this will be reserved. This is the help that I can do currently... And I want to feel the satisfaction on their face when they receive the money...I think, that feeling will give some meaning to my life and I can sleep well on that night.....

Let them too live happily atleast without hunger.......